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Apply for Arm License


  • Arms License can be applied by making an application to the License Authority or the Home Department
  • A required amount of fees should be paid as per the Arms Act, 1959
  • Depending on the nature and need of the arms licence different sets of documents are required
  • Arms Rules, 2016 mandatorily requires UIN (Unique Identification Number) to be noted on the Arms Licence


An arms license is a license or permit issued by a government authority (typically by the police) of a jurisdiction, that allows the licensee to buy, own, possess, or carry a firearm, often subject to a number of conditions or restrictions. Arms Rules, 2016 mandatorily requires UIN (Unique Identification Number) to be noted on the Arms Licence issued by the Licencing authority. Any Arms Licence without the UIN is not a valid licence. It must be understood that UIN is to be issued to a licensee and not to a licence. All types of licensees including individuals, institutions, Arms Dealers, Arms Manufacturers, Sports associations etc are required to have the UIN. All Licensees are required to contact their Licencing Authority for getting UIN to retain validity of the Arms Licence. Every application for the grant of a license under the Arms Rules 2016 need be submitted in Form A-1 to A-14 as applicable to the category of the license applied. Further separate Application Forms have been specified for allied services and other matters in Form B-1 to B-4 of the Arms Rules, 2016

How to apply

Arms Licence can be applied for by downloading the given application form this website. The duly filled up application form has to be submitted along with supporting documents to the Arms Licensing office of the concerned Deputy Commissioner’s office by paying the requisite fees as levied by Government of India as per Arms Act Amendment from time to time.

Process flow

After submission of the application in the D.C’s Office, it is forwarded to local police station through Superintendent of Police for verification. After the recommendation of Superintendent of Police, necessary fees need to be paid. Then it is approved by the authority concerned if found proper.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Citizen of India above 21 years of age


License fees levied as per ARMs Act Amendment fixed by Government of India time to time. For information on Arms License Fee, refer to the link

Accompanying Documents

The following documents under rule 11 of the Arms Rules 2016 are to be submitted along with the application form –
(a) 4 Nos.passport size copies of the latest photograph (in white background)
(b) Proof of date of birth
(c) Identification proof – Aadhar Card or in case the applicant does not have Aadhar Card, a written declaration to be submitted in the form of an Affidavit along with an alternative identification proof which may include ─ Passport, Voter Identification Card, PAN Card or Identity card issued to the employees.
(d) Residence proof in case the applicant does not possess Aadhar Card or Passport ─ (Election Card or Electricity Bill or Landline Telephone Bill or Rent Deed or Lease Deed or Property documents or any other document to the satisfaction of the licensing authority)
(e) Firearm training certificate in Form S-1 (whenever made applicable by the Central Government by passing a general or special order)
(f) Safe use and storage of firearms undertaking referred to in sub rule (4) in Form S-2
(g) For professional category applicant self-attested copies of the educational and professional qualification certificates as specified in clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of rule 12
(h) Medical certificates about mental health and physical fitness(in Form S-3)
(i) In case of protection for destruction of wild animals which do injury to human being or cattle and damage to crops, permit from the authority empowered under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972)

Important Timelines

• Application can be submitted in any working days.
• Time for processing (approximate): Within 15 days

Whom to Contact:

Magistracy Branch of Office of the Deputy Commissioner’s office, Barpeta

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