Economics and Statistics Dept.

Last Updated on: April 29, 2022


Office of the Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics, Barpeta was set up in the year 1971. The primary function of the Office of the Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics, Barpeta is to assist the Directorate of Economics and Statistics,Assam(HQ) in data collection, conducting Census/Survey etc. and also collecting the data/information from various Govt. Departments of the District as well as field level Data/information from Agriculture, Industry etc. Initially the name of the Office was Sub-Divisional Statistical Office and the Office was headed by Sub-Divisional Statistical Officer since 1971 to 30th January of 1985. After that the Office was upgraded as office of the deputy director of economics and statistics,Barpeta with effect from 30th January of 1985 till date. The Office has been working in a rented house since inception. However a Departmental Govt. Building is under construction in Barpeta Town and the progress of construction works has been almost 70% completed.

Organizational Structure:

Office of the Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics, is working under direct control of Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Assam, Ghy-28. There are two regional offices headed by the Joint Director of economics and statistics viz. one for autonomous Hill district and another for Bodoland Territorial Councils (BTC), in addition there are 23 nos of District and 13 nos of Sub-Divisional offices headed by Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics and Sub-Divisional Statistical officer respectively, are working in the state. The staff strength along with duties of this office are shown below.

Sl No Name of Post No. of sanction Post Man in Position Vacant Remarks
1 DDES 1 1 0 DDO/Administrative and Overall Supervising authority.
2 S.O 1 1 0 Census /survey works, DDP ,Supervising etc.
3 I/S 2 1 1 Supervising C.E.S, Holding Sub-divisional forecast meeting, LUS, ASI, etc
4 SIS 9 4 5 Collect and compilation of Block Level data, holding Circle Level forecast Meeting etc.
5 SIS (TRS) 2 2 0 Sample Check and Supervision works of allotted sample villages and conducted in time schedules.
6 P.I. 3 2 1 Collection and compilation of Wholesale, Retail price return for Urban and Rural areas, NSS works etc.
7 F.A. 10 1 9 Field Level works of Crop Cutting Experiment (CES) of the notified crops in circle level and others survey works.
8 Sr. Asstt. 1 0 1 All the accounts related works.
9 Jr. Asstt. 2 1 1 Accounts matter, issue receipt etc.
10 Driver 1 0 1  
11 Grade-IV 3 1 2 Distribution of all official letters etc.
  Total 35 14 21  

Some Principal Activities

  1. Agriculture Statistics:- a) Crop Estimation Survey(CES)and PMFBY b) Improvement of crop statistics(ICS) c) Crop Forecast
  2. Land Utilization Statistics:- a) Timely Reporting Scheme (TRS) b)Price Statistics :- c) Urban Wholesale Price d) Urban Retail Price, Weekly and Monthly e) Farm Harvest Price, Weekly
  3. Rural retail Price
  4. Building Material Price
  5. National Sample Survey (NSS)
  6. Annual Survey of Industries (ASI)
  7. Composite Index
  8. District Domestic Product
  9. Agriculture Census
  10. Publication of District at a Glance,2021
  11. And other various survey conducting by this Office such as Govt. Employee Census, UNDP –Village Level Data Base etc.

Activities of Economics & Statistics Department

Crop Forecast:-

Govt. of India has introduced a crop calendar showing specific dates and crops for holding forecast meetings at circle and sub-division level for finalization of forecast area and estimation of average yield etc. This office initiated the crop forecast meeting of 38 Nos. of crops in 5 sitting in a year as per forecast calendar and sending the report to the Directorate, Economics and Statistics, Assam for estimation of forecast area and average yield.


The programme of supervision under the Improvement of Crop Statistics (ICS) scheme has been carried out on equal matching basis with NSSO as per allotment by the Directorate.

Crop Estimation Survey:-

The crop Estimation Survey consists of 9 (nine) nos.of principle crop cutting experiments in randomly selected fields are conducted under well designed survey technique for estimating the average yield by conducting various tasks like selection of field, randomly locating a plot of a specified size, harvesting, threshing, weighting and recording of weight. The driage operation is also performed to get driage ratio in case of paddy .

Ongoing Crop Cutting Experiments (CCE) for the year 2021-22

Sl No. Crops Name Allotted Village Achievement in Harvesting Crops Crops not found Remarks
1 Matikalai 20 20 0  
2 Winter Paddy (Under PFMBY) 76 76 0  
3 Wheat 47 22 25  
4 SummerPaddy (Under PFMBY) 198     Allotment is under progress