• Last Updated on: April 11, 2022
  • Launch Date : Not Available
  • Source : Barpeta

National Food Security Mission

NFSM is a centrally sponsored scheme (CSS) and was launched in October’ 2017

The NFSM during the 12th Five Year Plan will have five components.

  1. NFSM (Rice)
  2. NFSM (Pulse)
  3. NFSM (Wheat)
  4. NFSM (Coars Cereals)
  5. NFSM (Commercial Crop)

Under NFMS, Rice & Pulse scheme is going on at Barpeta District since 2008. This year 2021-22 in Rabi Season Wheat was newly introduces in Barpeta District. The variety was (i) Narendra Wheat 5054 ii) HD 3171 iii) Pusa Vatsala HD 3118 and iv) K 1317

The purpose of NFSM is to increase production through area expansion to increase the farmers income level and to create employment opportunities.