Services of District Administration

Last Updated on: May 13, 2022

Different Branches and services of District Administration:

Personal & Establishment/Accounts Branch: The branch dealt with the works related to appointment, transfer & posting, maintenance of Service Books, leave records, preparation of retirement & annual superannuation list of employees, preparation of monthly bills, Collection of budget, Govt. ceiling etc.

Magistracy and Administration Branch: The branch deals with the matters related to maintenance of Law & Order, Registration & disposal of Cr.P.C. cases, arms & explosive matters, permission of meeting & use of loud speaker etc.

Nazarat Branch: The branch dealt with the matters related to maintenance of Building / DC’s Banglow/ Circuit House, allotment of Govt. quarter to officers, allotment of rooms in Circuit House, allotment of vehicles for Officers of DC’s Office, arrangement of ceremonial functions like INDEPENDENCE DAY / REPUBLIC DAY etc, maintenance of Bill Register/ Stock Register/POL register etc, to make ensure of delivery of various daks by zarikarak, received from different branches of D.C's Office.

Revenue Branch: All revenue related matters like allotment & settlement of land, revenue collections, encroachment, Mouza and Mouzadars related matters, Preparation of monthly/Quarterly/Annual Revenue Statements etc.

RKG Branch: The branch deals with the matters related to Land records, digitization of land records, Revenue appeal cases, Re-assessment of Land, Re-classification of land etc.

Land Acquisition Branch: The branch dealt with the matters related to acquisition of land for Govt. departments like National and State Highway, Railway, Defense purpose etc.

Land Settlement Branch: The branch dealt with the matters relating to land settlement policy
Survey and demarcation of inter-district boundaries, Land settlement advisory committee etc. removal of encroachment of government lands Resettlement operation, revenue appeals including partition, mutation appeals, reclamation of cultivable waste land etc.

Relief and Rehabilitation Branch: The branch dealt with the grant of financial and medical relief to the displaced persons including persons affected by natural calamities. Rehabilitation schemes to settle displaced persons.

Transformation & Development Branch: The branch dealt with the Decentralised Planning (MPLAD, MLALAD, Untied Fund, Kalpataru, Assam Vikash Yojana, Border Areas Development, Suhrid etc), It concerned with all the Development Departments of the district.