Overview of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department

Last Updated on: April 13, 2022


The Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Assam has been primarily entrusted with the responsibility of providing veterinary health cover to all the Livestock and Poultry. Animal Husbandry is potentially one of the most important sectors of rapid Socio-economic development of the State. Barpeta district has tremendous potentiality to increase milk, meat and egg production. Keeping the above intend, the A.H. & Veterinary department is working continuously towards substantial socio-economic change across the district. There are 22 Nos. Veterinary Dispensary / Hospital and 47 Nos. Veterinary Sub Centers across the district for rendering Veterinary service.

As per 20th Livestock Census total population of Livestock is as follows:-

1) Cattle - 4,82,515 Nos.   2)Buffalo - 20,629 Nos.   3) Sheep - 51,906 Nos.   4)Goat - 1,77,709 Nos.   5)Pig - 11,276 Nos.


Sl No. Name of the Institutions Nos. DDO/ Head of Institutions
1 Dist. A. H & Vety. Office, Barpeta 1 DVO, Barpeta
2 Officer-I/C, Intensive Cattle Dev. Project & Frozen Semen Centre, Howly 1 O/C ICDP & FSC, Howly
3 ICDP A.I Centre 14 O/C ICDP & FSC, Howly
4 Regional A. I Centre 1 O/C ICDP & FSC, Howly
5 District Poultry Farm, Ganakkuchi, Barpeta 1 Manager Dist. Poultry Farm,Ganakkuchi, Barpeta
6 Govt. Livestock Farm, Barapetta 1 Manager,Govt. Livestock Farm, Barapetta
7 Fodder Demonstration Farm, Barbarijhar 1 Dy. Director, Fodder, Chenikuthi, Guwahati
8 State Vety. Hospital, Barpeta Road 1 DVO, Barpeta
9 State Vety. Dispensary 13 DVO, Barpeta
10 Block Vety. Dispensary 7 DVO, Barpeta
11 ICDP Centre 4 O/C ICDP, Howly
12 Sub-Centre/ A.I Centre 69  
13 District Diagnostic Laboratory, Barpeta 1 DVO, Barpeta
14 Immune Belt Scheme, Howly 1 Dy. Director, RP, Chenikuthi, Guwahati
15 Govt. Goat Breeding Farm, Howly 1 O/C ICDP & FSC, Howly
16 Frozen Semen Bull Station, Barapetta 1 Under Chief Executive Officer, ALDA, Khanapara, Guwahati.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Post :-

  1. Dist. A. H & Veterinary Officer:-
    District Officers are the overall administrative head of the A. H. & Veterinary Department in district level. Will be head of operation and overall responsible in respect of all state/ central sponsored programs for the district. And the supervising authority for the activities performed by the following offices working within the district and can assign any departmental activities to them.
  2. Sub-Divisional A. H & Vety. Officer:-
    The sub-divisional A.H. & Veterinary officer is the head in the sub-division for implementation of various schemes of the Department. The Sub- Division officer who are posted in the district headquarters are to work under the control of District A.H. & Veterinary Officer. The SDVO’s who are posted in independent sub-divisions will be controlling officer of the sub-division with drawing and disbursing authority.
  3. O/C ICDP & FSC, Howly:-
    Will act as the Zonal Head of the Cattle Development Project for controlling semen Banks / the activities of the Regional A.I. centers. Make routine visits to the R.A.I.C / Semen Banks / Fodder farms/Inspection of A.I. Sub centers / Veterinary First Aid centers / Blocks. Will keep liaison with CEO, ALDA for supply of quality semen, keep record of bull number of frozen semen straws supplied to the zone. Will test semen quality of the straws received and record the findings.
  4. R.A.I. O:-
    Will be Administrative head of the institution. He/she will be responsible for routine inspection and supervision of the respective Regional A.I. Centres / I.C.D.P.
  5. Manager, Govt. Livestock Farm, Barapetta:-
    Will be responsible for overall improvement of the farm and is the administrative head. Will ensure keeping of all the records of the farm including stock, treatment, sale proceeds, culling, post mortem, deworming, vaccination, breeding, milk record etc. by maintaining registrar for each aspect of afore mentioned criteria. Will keep strict bio security measures in place for the farm and also maintain strict hygiene during and after every milking. Overall supervision of the farm, feed procurement, security of the farm property and the maintenance of hygiene in the farm.
  6. Vety Officer/ Block Vety. Officer:-
    Will be responsible for preparation and execution of rural development schemes with particular reference to A.H. &Veterinary activities in his jurisdiction. Will supervise, inspect and guide the SVFA / VFA under his jurisdiction and to examine the diaries of SVFA / VFA and other field staff of the category. Will perform routine activities like treatment and prevention of livestock and birds in his jurisdiction as well as will perform A.I., breeding in villages of his jurisdiction and to assist farmers in creating better marketing facilities for livestock and livestock products.
  7. Livestock Inspector:-
    Will work under the supervision of their controlling officers to carry out the follow up programme on distribution of the livestock/ poultry units by the department from time to time. Will assist in sample survey and Livestock Census and will also keep record of production of milk, meat and egg of the district with periodical updating. Will be involved in the public awareness programme based on departmental propaganda. Will actively work for disaster management and rescue of animals during disasters.
  8. SVFA:-
    Will act as the head of the veterinary first aid centre /sub centre. Will work under the supervision of the VO of the nearest Dispensary/ Hospital and will perform activities as directed by controlling VO/ SDVO/DVO. Will maintain records and register relating to first aid / castration / frozen semen / AI done/calf born/ distribution of fodder seeds and construction of the silage pit in the sub centre.
  9. VFA:-
    Will maintain records and registers relating to utilization of semen .A.I., calf born, castration, first aid, distribution of fodder seeds and other distribution programmes under various schemes, construction of silo pits in the sub-centres etc. Will also maintain records indicating the progress of the work in his area as per instruction of the VO / BVO. Will assist the VO / BVO in treatment, vaccination in the dispensary / organized in areas under Dispensary jurisdiction and in natural calamities like flood, draught etc. Moreover he will also assist the BVO / VO in selecting beneficiaries under different schemes and to follow up the ongoing schemes in different areas within Dispensary jurisdiction