Manas National Park

Manas National Park (Previously at Barpeta)

Declared as a National park in 1990. Manas National park is located at Himalayan foothills where its having an unique bio diversity and scenic landscapes. It is one of the first reserves included in the tiger reserve network under project tiger in 1973. Covering an area of 2837 Sq.KM. Manas river flows through the park with unique blending of dense jungles and grass-land, harbours the largest number of protected species of India including tiger, leopard, civet, elephants, buffalo, pygmy hog, golden langoor, Assam roof turtle, and the Bengal florican. This park is included as a site of international importance under UNESCO's world heritage convention in 1988 as well as Biosphere Reserve in 1989. There are as many as 60 species of mammals,312 birds, 42 reptiles,7 amphibia,54 fishes and more than 100 species of insects The place can be reached by road from Barpeta Road(20KM) connecting National highway No-31 that connects rest of India. The railways connects Barpeta Road with rest of the country and Gopinath Bordoloi airport at Guwahati is nearly 160 KM from Barpeta Road town. The forest lodges are situated inside the park at Mathanguri which lies at a distance of40 K.Ms from Barpeta Road. Visitors are to obtain necessary permission for entry into park at the office of Field Director Manas Tiger Reserve, Barpeta Road.