Patbaushi Satra

Patbaushi Satra:-

This Satra is located 2 km north of Barpeta town. This Satra is frequented by large number of devotees and visitors as it was a cultural centre from where Satriya culture,art-forms and literature spread far and wide.Vaishnava Gurus like Shri Manta Sankardeva, Shri Madhavdeva, Shri Damodardeva and Shri Harideva stayed in the Satra for propagation of Vaishnava faith. Shrimanta Sankardeva lived here for 18 long years and composed 240 Bargeets, Shastra (literary religio- cultural text) and Ankiya nat (Dramas). The scripts are carefully preserved here. Of late the Govt. has taken steps for preservation of this treasures of Assamese heritage and planning to setup a Shrimanta Sankardeva Museum at the premises of the Satra. The Damodar deva Satra is also located in the same premises. Ahom Ruler Paramatta Singha constructed a Math in memory of the saint. This Satra is located at a distance of about 2 K.M. from Barpeta town.